SMS Schloemann Aluminium Extrusion Press with gas-heated log heater

20 MN (8”) Aluminium Extrusion Press with gas-heated log heater

Manufacturer SMS Schloemann


Year of manufacture 1980 totally modernised in 1995 / 1996


Direct Shortstroke extrusion press with with horizontal stemshift. 4 Pre-stressed laminated tie rods. Built in 1980 by SMS Hasenclever (Schloemann). The horizontal stemshift was added in 1993 in order to allow for longer billet. The press frame was replaced with forged front- and cylinder platen and forged main cylinder in 1995. In 1996 the press was hydraulically completely modernised. Since 2005 several refurbishments have kept the press in top condition. The loader was (partly) replace in 2009.


A completely new forged back plate / main cylinder assembly is available for replacement after dismantling (see pictures).

Total pressing force 2015 MT

Side cylinders 245 MT

Back slide 118 MT

Maximum working pressure 250 bars

Extrusion stem stroke 1850 mm

Container stroke 1100 mm

Extrusion speed

fast forward 300 mm/second

backward 320 mm/second

extrusion 28 mm/second

Dead cycle (AlMgSi0,5) incl. blurb cycle 14,7 seconds (March 2017)

Maximum billet length 1000 mm

Billet diameter 203 mm, 8 inch

Extrusion stem with fixed dummy block Kind & Co / Heydasch

Container with inductive type heating length 1050 mm liner (I.D) 210 mm

Oil tank 8.000 liter

Type oil HLP 46

HP main pumps Rexroth 3 x A2V500

3 x 0-480 l/min, max 250 bar

motors 3 x 160 KW/ 400V/ 50 Hz / 1000 rpm

Pilot oil/ low pressure oil pumps

pilot oil 100 l/min, 100 bar

low pressure oil 280 l/min, 60 bar

motors 55 KW/ 400V/ 50 Hz/ 1500 rpm

Container sealing pump motor 15 KW/ 400V/ 50Hz/ 1500 rpm

Oil and Air Heat Exchanger are not included

Dimensions press opening Dia 260 mm x lateral 360 mm

Tool stack Dia 425 mm / 450 mm height

PLC Siemens S5 with Picos HMI system

Description of Offer

The press installed in 1980 is in excellent state of maintenance and is continuously serviced under a contract directly with SMS. The press is in full operation.

Production: 50-53 MT/day, 11.500 MT /year.

There is a stock of spares including:

3 containers, one in the press and two spares of which one is reconditioned.

1 x stem

die slide

pump motor

Extrusion tooling (dies, die holder, bolsters, etc) not available

All drawings and plans are available.


- Billet Heater Omav built in 1993


The press will be replaced in December 2017.



Ref. CGS61753

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